Remembering my uncle Pete, and welcoming a new angel into the family :)

This day a year ago was a very hard day for my family. We lost my uncle Pete to cancer,  it will be a day we will never forget. We miss him every day and my heart goes out to my aunt and cousins, I love my family so so much, I hate to see them hurting and I would do anything for them. I know today we are all feeling a little sad. I took my cousin Josh's newborn photos yesterday and I am so incredibly happy for my job, and that I can make great memories for my family. I want to introduce the new bundle of joy to the fam, Elizabeth. I know it doesn't heal everyone's hearts, but I hope these photos make my family's day a little brighter. I am so proud of my cousin Josh, and I know your dad would be too:)  I love you guys so much and I can't wait to be with you all later and remember all the happy times with my Uncle Pete. Love you UP!

I love this one ;)

This one too ;D


My Nephew Rhys Griffin :)

Hey there blog, long time no see! It's hard to believe I used to do these all the time, especially after going through all the photos yesterday and realizing how much of my time it takes up! BUT, of course I had to have one for my trip to take photos of my new nephew, Rhys :) We had been waiting a long time to meet him, it's the first time I was going to be an aunt and I had no idea I would love this little boy so much! As soon as I landed from my trip to California, I turned on my phone to get the text that my sister was in labor! My parents picked me up from the airport and we drove straight to New York. Anyway, since he was so early, I probably saw him for a total of 20 minutes the first time we were there. I was ready to go back and take a million photos of this little perfect baby for my sister and Rick. My sister and I were stranded at the house, so we ended up with a billion photos! I am so happy I was able to capture such an important time in your lives, and please move home soon so I can see this little face and hold him anytime I want ;) Love you!

Probably one of my favorite photos ever, love my sister's quilt and how simple, soft and beautiful it is :)

This pic gives me tears :)

Dad, don't worry I didn't forget about your onesie! ;) "oh, why am I wearing this thing?" haha